Gendai Reiki Basic Practice CDs

Hiroshi Doi sensei, the founder of Gendai Reiki Ho, has recorded a two cd set for us:


Gendai Reiki Basic Practice CDs

Gendai Reiki Basic Practice CDs


The latest training method recorded by Doi-sensei
・English translation supervised by native speaker
・Background music performed by Fumio Miyashita
・Must-have instructional CD setting a global standard

This is the English instructional CD in accordance with Japanese version, “Gendai Reiki Ho Basic”.
It was newly recorded in Iizuna Kougen, Shinshu area.
Doi-sensei’s voice is very pleasing to the ear. Deep, warm and comfortable.
His voice will gently guide us to the Reiki world.
During the entire CD program, it also contains healing musics performed by Fumio Miyashita and English translation by his wife, Rinda Miyashita.
The photo of cover jacket was taken by Takahiro Imashimizu, which inspires us to feel the spiritual world in Kagamiike, Togakushi.
It’s not only for global use but it would also be helpful for Japanese to understand how great this sounds in English as well.

This is double CD album (including 2 CDs/set) and JPY 4,000/set from the Gendai Reiki Network in Japan.

 Information by Chisa Fujita, Board Member of the Gendai Reiki Network, Japan

Copies are also available from me at Health and Harmony – please get in touch for more information.

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