Gendai Reiki Level I Class – Spring 2019

Let your light shine from within Gendai Reiki

There will be a Level I Gendai Reiki Class on the weekend of 4/5th May 2019. 10.30 to 4.30 each day.

Gendai Reiki makes this ancient healing system available for the modern world

The class will be relaxed and informal, sitting together to learn and discuss this beautifully simple Japanese healing system. We will spend time doing hands-on practice, both on ourselves and each other, and explore how to work with animals, food and plants. Questions will be welcomed.

Please wear something comfortable as you will be sitting quite a lot, also getting on and off the Reiki table.

Tea, coffee, water and nibbles will be available. Please bring your own lunch.

Shinpiden – Gendai Reiki-ho Level III

Steps to Kurama Dera

The goal of Gendai Reiki-ho Shinpiden – Level III – is deepening your practice of Reiki, self-growth and self- purification.  The aim is to attain Anshin Ritsumei, which is a balanced, tranquil, and peaceful mind.

The focus of Shinpiden level is deeper commitment, growth through the context of your own life circumstances and experience.  This is a deep inner journey.

In Level III, there is less emphasis on hands-on treatment, and more emphasis on a deepening of your own spiritual practice.  There will be presentations, but also more exploration and discussion of where you are on your spiritual journey, and the challenges that come up when you try to move towards Anshin Ritsumei whilst living in the modern world.

If you are thinking of taking the next step in your journey with Reiki, or would like to review your Gendai Reiki-ho Level III training, you will be most welcome to join us.  The class will be held on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th September 2018.

Pre-requisites are Gendai Reiki-ho Levels I and II.

For more information, please get in touch.

Level I Gendai Reiki-ho class

In the gardens of the Imperial Palace, Kyoto

Sho-den is the beginning level of Gendai Reiki-ho, so in this class we will be looking at the origins of Reiki and exploring how to nourish and keep yourself healthy through regular self-treatments … or to regain your health.  You will also learn how to treat your friends and loved ones, also your pets.

The Reiki class format is informal and friendly, with plenty of opportunities to ask questions.  There will also be time for hands-on practise of the practical elements of Reiki.  Dress for comfort as you will be on and off the treatment table at various stages over the two days.

The class will be held over two days: Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th April 2018, from 10:30 to 4.30 each day.  A light lunch will be provided, but if you have dietary needs beyond gluten free and vegetarian, please come prepared.

For further information, please get in touch with me:


Level I – Shoden – Gendai Reiki Class

Level I – Shoden – Gendai Reiki Class

Winter frost

We have entered the final third of the Winter season, the days are getting longer … Spring is on its way!

Tiny shoots begin to appear, snowdrops and aconites flower in the dark earth, often in the snow, and turn their faces towards the Sun. Our thoughts turn to planting seeds.

To me, this is symbolic of the beginning of our journey with Reiki. We plant a tiny seed and then nurture it as it begins to grow, becoming stronger with each day, and soon bearing fruit.

Would you like to plant your own seed of Reiki this Spring, which will flower and bear fruit your whole life long? If so, there is a Level I Gendai Reiki class coming up on 17/18th March 2018 in the beautiful Scottish Borders. The class will run from 10:30 to 4:30 each day.

Please get in touch for further information.

Level I Class Gendai Reiki


Have you always wondered what this word Reiki is all about, but never got round to looking deeper? Here is an opportunity to join a Level I Class, to discover the basics, ask your questions and touch into something deep within.

Gendai Reiki-ho is a lineage that is very close to Reiki’s origins. The information presented is true to those origins, telling the story and presenting the techniques in a relaxed and informal manner.

The class will run on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th February 2018, from 10:30 until 4:30 each day. A simple lunch will be provided. We are welcome to join us. Please contact me for further information:

Gendai Reiki Network Events 2016

Doi Sensei with Chisa Okamoto, Fumi Koji and Begona Gonzalez
at the NPO GRN New Year’s Reiju-kai Meeting January 2016


■ Gendai Reiki Network ”Koryu-kai” NAGOYA

Date: Sat 26 March 2016

Time : 13:00-16:00

Location: Higashi Shogaigakushu Center (Nagoya )

Contact: Tokai Chubu Koryukai Executive Committee:
■ 2016 schedule plan (only those confirmed)

4 March: Free-healing experience meeting at Yoyogi, Tokyo

May (TBA): Brainstorming – Workshop meetings in Early summer

(Master Members Only) at Yoyogi, Tokyo


22 May: am: 9th Ordinary general meeting
pm:  “Koryu-kai” Gathering at Yoyogi, Tokyo


6 May: am: Free-healing experience meeting at Yoyogi, Tokyo
July or August (TBA):  Workshop summer camp (with Doi sensei) at Ise or Iizuna)


8 July: am: Free-healing experience meeting at Yoyogi, Tokyo
2 October: am: Free-healing experience meeting at Yoyogi, Tokyo
October (TBA): Brainstorming-Workshop meetings in Autumn (Master Members Only) at Yoyogi, Tokyo


Gendai Reiki-ho class – Shinpiden – Level III

Universal Energy
– Wholenes


Would you like to start the new year with a new step in personal growth, and growth of your spirit?

Universal energy, what we call Reiki, is information that is perfect, complete, whole.  When we align ourselves with that energy, we have access to that wholeness.  Would you like to increase your capacity to connect with that level of wholeness?
If the thought fills you with joy and your soul cries ‘yes’, you may be interested in joining our Gendai Reiki-ho Level III class on Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th February 2016.
The class is the springboard that begins the process, and will be followed by further opportunities for growth through group discussion and personal mentoring.
My Okuden – Level II – students are welcome to join the class.  Existing Shinpiden and Gokuikaiden students are welcome to join us to review.
Please get in touch for more information

Level One Reiki Class

Doi Sensei, founder of Gendai Reiki-ho

Doi Sensei, founder of Gendai Reiki-ho

There will be a Level One – Shoden – Gendai Reiki-ho class on 28-9 November 2015 in the beautiful Scottish Borders.

Gendai Reiki-ho is the system of Reiki founded by Hiroshi Doi, who is a member of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai.  The Gakkai is the organisation started by Mikao Usui who began this system of healing in Japan almost 200 years ago.  Since then Reiki has spread all over the world, and is accepted as a valid form of healing.

However, Gendai Reiki is much more than a system of hands-on healing.  The original teachings of Usui Sensei were passed down by him to his successors in the Gakkai, who then taught Doi Sensei.  In addition, Doi Sensei has carried out research into the origins of Usui Reiki Ryoho, bringing much information to light that may otherwise have been lost forever.

Our class will be rich and deep, sharing original the original teachings of Mikao Usui, also the teachings I received from Hiroshi Doi.  The format is relaxed and friendly, and you will learn how to perform self-treatment, also the method of treating others.

You are welcome to join our class whether you are completely new to Reiki or have learned a different system of Reiki but would like to know more about this form that has deep roots back to the founder.

Please get in touch if you would like further information.

Founder of Gendai Reiki Ho coming to Spain

It is with a mixture of delight and sadness that I bring you news of a Gendai Reiki Ho International Gathering in Madrid.  Delight, because Doi Sensei will be travelling to Europe to share his wisdom with us once again.  Sadness, because this will be the last time Doi Sensei intends leaving Japan for Reiki activities.

Hiroshi Doi speaking on the subject of Reiki
Hiroshi Doi speaking on the subject of Reiki

The event is being organised by Rika Saruhashi.  I met Rika in Denmark in 2011 when she translated Doi Sensei’s words first into Spanish and then into English for us – a remarkable undertaking!  At this event Rika will translate into Spanish, and there will be simultaneous translation into English.  Sadly, our dear friend Fumi Koji is unable to translate into English for us this time.

There are two consecutive events on offer in Madrid:

10th and 11th October 2015
– Doi Sensei will teach an Exclusive Workshop on Traditional Reiki.
This workshop is open to all practitioners of Reiki of Level 2 and higher, regardless of the system of Reiki in which you trained.

12th October 2015
– Doi Sensei will teach a half day Workshop for Gendai Reiki Masters only
You are invited to present any questions you may have in advance, so that the Workshop may address the needs of the Gendai Reiki Master community.

The venue
is Escorial-Natura Convention and Resort, Monte Abantos in El Escorial, Madrid.  El Escorial is a Unesco World Heritage Site, and looks well worth a visit.

Accommodation is in 2 bedroom chalets, each bedroom sleeping 2 people, a 5th person may be accommodated on a sofa bed in the living area.  The cost is per bungalow per night, not per person, so this presents an opportunity to keep costs to a minimum.  Limited cooking is possible in the chalets as long as everyone is agreeable.  Otherwise meals are available on a full or half board basis.  There is an option for caravans and tents, please see the attached for more information and costs.

Traditional Reiki Workshop – 10th and 11th October:
Registrations before 15th March:                                 €250*
Registrations from 16th March to 15th May:             €300*
Registrations after 15th May:                                        €400*
Headsets for translation (if required)                       €  30
Gendai Reiki Master Workshop
10.00–14.00 on 12th October:                                      €  60
Bungalow per night (2 nights minimum):               €  93.50
Meals – full board, per day:                                         €  33
Meals – half board, per day:                                        €  20.35

All prices are inclusive of VAT
* there is a €50 registration, which is deducted from the total fee.
Travel fees are not included.

It is in your interests to register early – before 15th March if possible – as the cost is significantly less for early birds.  Travel is usually considerably cheaper if booked in advance too.

It is rare for a member of the Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai to meet with us and teach in the West.  This may be our last opportunity to welcome Doi Sensei to Europe, to sit in the presence of the founder of Gendai Reiki Ho, to hear him teach and to connect with his extremely high vibration energy.  It is your opportunity to put your questions to Doi Sensei in person, and to receive the benefit of both his wisdom and the results of his researches into Usui Reiki Ryoho’s history.

Please see the attached documents for more information.  I have attempted to draw all the salient details together in this post, but please forgive me if I have omitted something important or made errors.

Booking is direct to the organisers, but please let me know if you intend to go as it would be good to co-ordinate our accommodation and perhaps our travel also.

I look forward to seeing you en Espana!

For further information and registration:
For further information on El Escorial, see:
For further information on Escorial-Natura Convention and Resort, Monte Abantos, see:


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